Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warming You Up.

Greetings all,
today I took a peek into my journal to find that I had taken note of some really interesting details. Things that seem almost insignificant, but that remind me of the moment. Moments are so precious and sometimes you don't realize it until its gone. The beautiful thing is that blink once, blink twice, and there goes another moment. It was a part of my plan before leaving that I would cherish every moment given to me, good or bad and be o.k with letting it go in order to experience the next. Another thing I realized is that I will have a lot of editing to do. This is my personal journal so things may get a little, ya know........personal. I'm generally pretty honest, but not everyone is ready for my truth, I'm not even sure if I am. So this is a warm up. This me working out my method of getting you the details of this amazing adventure without giving you "too much information" T.M.I. I invite you all to leave comments. It helps to know that someone is reading along, and let me know if I'm getting too personal. Let me know what is T.M.I. I've never been big on censorship, but my mother is reading.
So, again I ask that you be patient with me. I am changing my plan a bit. I will do a little reading a return later today to give you the clean version. Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking Back, Putting the Pieces Together.....

Greetings to all!
First off I would like to again thank all that have come together to make our adventure for a cause possible! The relationships that have developed out of this quest are ones that will last a lifetime. The children at MCC are amazing! They are thriving! They are smiling, because they are loved and they are growing! I am happy to announce that we have all returned from Kenya safely with plenty of stories to tell. Some of the stories will be easier to believe than others, depending on who is doing the telling! We have tons of pictures captured by different eyes on the trip and I will be sharing a variety of them here, and others can be found on our flicker site, which I will direct you to in the next couple of days. Thank you for your patience, the attempt to gather my thoughts after such a fulfilling journey has been more difficult than I'd prepared for. I have found it challenging to sit in front of a computer for very long, and my mind is still processing, a process that I think will be an on going one. So please stay tuned, I am starting to get my feet under me again, and it will be here that I share my experience. Every other day I will post portions of my journal, and photos that go along with the story. The adventure continues, and your support for the Makindu Children's Program is still needed so continue to introduce others to our mission. Direct them to, and, and encourage them to get informed.
Thank you, and see you here again real soon,