Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Taking steps to get to the Walk.

Preparation is a lot of fun. I have been busy spreading the word about the Makindu Children's Program, and trying to find a location for a dinner, and concert to raise awareness, and funds. This past weekend the band that I play with, Antero, had the opportunity to play in front of 8000+ people at the River Rock Festival in Richmond Va. The crowd was pleased, and I meet several people who are excited about supporting the orphanage. I had a chance to get out of the city to do some walking with Nitika, which was quite rewarding. We walked along the James River through trails that the original Americans traveled on. Their presence was evident through some clues that were visable and others were just felt.
This weekend a good friend and avid walker, Wiley "Crazyhorse" Jones, blessed me with a pair of walking sticks. He was excited about me using his sticks to travel 190+ miles through the desert and Kenyan bush. He showed me a few tricks and shared some of his stories of walking the Appalachian Trail. I also enjoyed a tutorial, Q&A, and fun time with pack leader Michael Farley. Michael speaks with such passion, and love when he talks about Africa. He paints a picture that makes it all so real, and not so distant. He showed me a good walking rhythm, pace, and posture.
Please stay tuned. Hopefully I will have dates, and an interview with a local magazine to post by early next week. We will have a cyber celebration, till such time, peace.

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