Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Proper Walk

Its hard to put all of this into words. We have been here maybe 3 days and in someways it feels like we never left. Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I have seen poverty on a level that I've never seen before, but kenyan pride and spirit is so strong. We are crossing the equator as I type on my BlackBerry. All of the walkers are in good spirits. We have eaten well thus far, and have seen a lot. Hunters Lodge is some thing out of old travelers diary. I see why Michael loves it so much. We climbed Mt. Mielu to loosen our legs, and ate, chanted and got good rest at the Sikh temple. Bro. Bry makes a mean Chai. The visit to the Makindu Childrens Center was all that I hoped it to be. David and I stocked up on soccer balls and Bryan picked up bubbles.Sent from my BlackBerry

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  1. Please tell Brian all is well here in the USA and hope he's having a great time! by Preston