Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still too Hot!

One hundred three degrees in the capital city! I'm hydrated and almost ready to go. This blog will be short because for every minute passing it just gets hotter.
The count down continues. Right now it is all about the checklist. The other night I awoke from what seemed so real but turned out to be a nightmare. I had a layover in Arizona on my way to Kenya. When I got to the airport I realized that I had left my walking shoes, my tent, and walking sticks in Richmond. You know that feeling you get when you wake up and realize you were suppose to be at work five minutes ago? I woke up in a panic, seriously. Once my heartbeat returned to normal, I studied my checklist, and devised a plan on how I would complete it. We are only 21 days away from departure, and everyones question is "are you ready?"
Good question. I feel that I am physically ready. Mental preparation is an ongoing process, but I feel strong. I got my shots taken care of, which I will tell you about later. However I do have clothing items to purchase, along with spare batterys, and toiletries.......Oh, and I still have a goal of raising $10,000 dollars for the Makindu Children's Program.
I would like to say that with the support of many gracious people, I am on my way. I see that it will be a slow and steady, but it will be sure. Thank you so much to those that have donated your time and energy that has manifested itself into funds for the children, I will return with many hugs and kisses from them for you. Continue to support, tell others about the children, and the importance of a program like this. Post the weblink on your facebook, twitter, myspace, pages, shout it from the mountatin tops......."MAKINDU.ORG!"......"PROPERWALK.COM!" Tell the world! One good deed, creates another!
Thank you for your time, I will see you 10 miles, and 3 liters of water later!

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