Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Music is the Message!

The message is in the music! I have the pleasure of being a member of Virginia's favorite, and Richmond's most popular reggae band. I have been with Antero for 3 years and have found that music is a serious vehicle. Since the begining of time music has been used to heal, build, and even destroy. The power of sound is immeasurable, and can be compared to the qualities of water and its ability to move through anything, consuming it completly.
My love is persussion, West African drumming is what I have been trained in, and I flirt with Latin Percussion. Recently, with the support of a few friends, I have started to find my voice. The language that I speak with my drum is coded for most listeners, but in using my vocal voice the language becomes a little bit easier for the untrained ear to hear, and understand. In finding this new avenue to express myself, I see it as a serious tool to bring attention to what ever it is that I find important. I can play the role of a news reporter, I can be a griot of sorts. I have recently enjoyed using this platform to inform the audience about the Makindu Children's Program. People are listening, and talking to me about it afterwards.
I feel a real brotherhood with the members of Antero. We all get along famously on and off the stage. We create an amazing chemistry. We recently played in Alexandria, Virgina for the Del Ray Music Festival. The crowd was very responsive to the band, and they are all better informed about the M.C.P.
You're probably wondering "oh brother joshua, where can I see Richmond's most popular reggae band next?" Well, July 31st we will be headlining at The National Theatre in Richmond, Va. Tickets can be purchased at ticketmaster.com for $10, but if you buy from a band member ask for the "Makindu Special". The "Makindu Special" will cost you $10 + a $5 donation to M.C.P, two birds with one stone!

Thanks again for your time, stay tuned. I've got a few walk stories to tell you, and we've got some other events coming up this month, as well as August. Make your way to the R.E.I at Short Pump webpage to register for Michael Farley's slideshow presentation on Africa, and The Makindu Childrens Program, scheduled for July 15.

And last but not least, click or cut & paste the link below for Antero's article in Style Magazine, by Malcolm Venable, it's major! After you hit the link go to the music icon above.

Peace and love,


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