Monday, June 21, 2010

I Think I'm on the Right Path.

So, I'm in search of a proper head cover for a proper walk. Something to shade my head and face from the equitorial sun rays. For most walkers this will be a "one stop shop" sort of thing, for me it is a serious process. If I could illustrate in words the designs that my friends and family members have come up with.....
Friday I took a trip to REI in Short Pump to try on a couple different designs. Most are too small, some just plain funny lookin, and I don't care how hot it is on this walk, I'm gonna be cool. I think I may have found the one, I'm just gonna continue to search before I invest the money. If you find an effective efficient hat for me to wear, please send a link. Thank you to my good friend Ray O' Light.
These last few days I've been able to get in some walking, and I've picked up a few odd jobs that will help with my personal expenses of my trip. I have two seperate dog sitting jobs, and a house sitting job. The good thing is that dogs need walking, the bad thing is, I just found out that I am highly allergic....real long story, that I won't dive into right now.
Anywho, for what ever reason during may daily travels, I find that people often stare at me. I used to think I was paranoid, but no, people really do stare. I head down to my new favorite place to walk, along the James. On this day I guess I added to the spectacle by using my walking sticks. The young would stare, and laugh, the old would laugh and comment, and I have no idea what I must've looked like to them.
No matter what I looked like, once I got over the looks and comments I got into my walk. I am a firm believer that there are often signs, hints, or confirmations through out life that kinda lets you know that you are on the right path. As I cross the suspension bridge at the James River which is amazing, I run into a youngman from the E.H.F group home in Richmond. Our conversation was short but sweet. He gave encouraging words, which I swear I've given him before, all the sweeter, and a small sign that I'm on the right path.
I spend about an hour and thirty minutes out there. The sun is setting and I realize that there are few things this beautiful. I'm in my zone when I realize that I'm the only one walking in the direction that I'm headed in. Its getting dark. I cross paths with one group of guys and girls, I recognize two of them, but they are too busy making jokes about my sticks. I speak anyway and keep walking. After about 100 more yards I decide to turn around. On my return, I look down and see a freshly dropped fold of 1 dollar bills, another sign that I may be on the right path. I attempt to catch up to the group that had just ridiculed me to see if it belonged to any of them. I wasn't able to catch up to them, so I took it as a donation for the Makindu Children's Program. I mumbled a few words of praise and thank you to the unviverse for its mercy, and continued back to my car to drive home. Thirsty, a little tight in my calves, but otherwise I feel great. I think about walking home for a second before interupting that thought with hysterical laughter, Africa soon come!

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