Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Dollars a Toe!

Music is one thing that will continue to bring people together. Regardless of a possible language barrier, culture, color, or creed, you will find that the vibrations of sound can break down walls of division. One of my favorite things about playing music is seeing this process at work. Some of the people that I've met, I wouldn't have met them any other way, and a very few people, upon our first meeting it seems like a family reunion with cousins that I've heard about, but didn't know. G and Leata are that of the latter. I'll skip all of the mushy talk and get to the point. The two of them together form an amazing support team. They are both passionate about life and you can't help but share that feeling with them while in their presence........So what, I got mushy anyways. After telling Leata about the Makindu Children's Program, and my trod to the African continent, she asked how she could help. Before I could answer her, she started by challenging all of my Facebook friends, to donate no less than 5 dollars for each toe on my foot. Its kinda like insurance, a proper blessing. So I ask that all who read this take up the toe challenge, Michael has taken up the challenge at $10 a toe, and I ask that you take it a step further, can I get $15 dollars a toe!?

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