Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good People doing Good things......

So, I've found that the more involved I get with Michael Farley, and the Makindu Crew, the more I realize that all hope is not lost in the world. There still are genuine good people, doing good things. I was recently a guest in the house of Dave Brooks. Let me say, I love me some Dave Brooks. Amazing photographer, with a wicked music collection, and true African hospitality. Dave is a fellow walker who has known Michael for a life time, at least my life time. Strangely enough he has lived in my neighborhood for a good while, and I hadn't a clue until recently. Dave, thanks for the talk, and Tusker's, I owe you one.
Soon after, I met some more good people. This past Thursday, I supported Michael with a drum to present to a small group at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Richmond VA. As I said, the group was small, but excited about how they could help this amazing cause. The staff at Blue Ridge Mountain sports are just as excited about the walk as we are, and quite knowledgeable about what it takes to be prepared for a walk of this magnitude. We are in the process of planning a similar presentation at the Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Charlottesville real soon. I will keep you posted.
Until such time,
walk good,

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