Saturday, June 12, 2010

For your Information.

I am unsure if you all fully understand what Walking for The Makindu Children's Program is all about. I can't assume that all who read this blog know how this whole thing works, so I will try my best to explain. For the past few years I have been working with many others in the United States and Kenya, East Africa to raise awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Sahara Africa. Through several efforts I have been apart of events to not only help raise awareness, but also funds for the organization. The Makindu Children's Program supports over 400 children orphaned by AIDS, and provides them with proper food, clothing, shelter, education, and lots of love. They receive periodic medical checkups, have their fees paid at local public schools, and receive job training. The children are also placed with foster families that continue to provide this level of care for them. Great success has been seen because of the hard work of supporters world wide. This year I decided that I wanted to play a more active role in supporting the Children of the Makindu Program. With a little encouragement from Mr. Michael Farley, I not only agreed to raise $10,000 dollars, but I will also go to Kenya to meet the children, and walk through the desert and bush, completing 160-180 miles in 10 days to continue to bring attention to this serious matter. I have worked and saved my own money to pay for all trip expenses, and will continue to work to reach my goal of raising at least $10,000. I will embark on this adventure for a cause, in August with pack leader Michael Farley, and 8 other Americans. Our total financial goal is to raise $100,000 this year. U.S dollars go a long way for the children at the M.C.P.

* $35 provides food, elementary schooling and medical care for one child for one month.
* $50 provides school uniforms and shoes for 10 children.
* $100 provides millk for 100 children for 1 month.
* $200 provides bulk food (maize, beans, oil, etc.) for 59 families for four months.
* $350 provides a high school education (tuition, boarding, books and supplies) for one student for one year.

I asked that you do all that you can to support such a worthy cause. Coming soon you are invited to attend an edu-taining presentation by Michael Farley at REI in Short Pump in Richmond VA. This is a great opportunity for you to get more information and donate. I will continue to post events that will lead up to the walk on this blog as well as my Facebook page. For more info immediately I ask that you visit, and You can donate electronically there. Be sure to let them know that Joshua sent you.
Thanks again for your time,
brother joshua

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