Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Too Hot!

Greetings boys and girls,
get this, I haven't walked in two days because its been too hot!......Helllooooo! I'm going to Africa!
Everyday I learn something new about myself and people in general. I dare to call myself spoiled, but I have recently realized that most people, myself included, work towards creating a perfectly controlled environment for themselves to fulfill their comfort needs. For example, the invention or use of the thermostat. The thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your house, your car, and or at your job, the three places where people spend most of their time. In most new cars, you can even have the option of dialing in different climate settings for each passenger.
I do understand that this is nothing profound, and you're probably asking what this has to do with the Makindu Children's Program in Kenya, East Africa, or walking through the desert and bush. I say all of that to say, I find myself looking for the perfect conditions to go walking. "Oh no, its raining." "Oh no its too hot." or "Oh no, its getting dark."
I am learning that this "training" that I am doing to prepare for the proper walk is far from all physical. There is no climate control in the Great Rift Valley. I will be hot, it may get cold, and quite possibly, I could see some rain. At this point I am getting in the mind state to expect the unexpected, and enjoy every lesson. Don't forget my goals, and purpose for doing all of this. Some days the walk will seem long, and when I'm done, the beer will be hot. This is not a vacation, and frank talk, I'm not looking for one. I don't wanna return to the motherland, and stay at a 4 star resort. I want to see and be a part of what has been a huge part of my identity since birth. To be "African American" (not sure if I really know what that is), and not know anything about Africa other than what I have read, just doesn't seem right. By looking at the P.C term above, it would make me a half of man. So without getting too lengthy, this is a right of passage for me, a pilgrimage. And the fact that I am working to pool my resources, stateside, to help make others stronger, I am fulfilling a responsibility on a lot of different levels. I will wrap up here. I was told by a famous internet writer that blogs are suppose to be short and sweet, so tomorrow maybe I will just pick up where I left off. Visit makindu.org so that you may get to know the program a little better, and check out properwalk.com so that you can get an idea of who we are and what we will be doing, you can also donate there. Be sure to let them know that Joshua sent.
Thank you.

You rule your destiny!


  1. Hey Brother Joshua,

    Greetings from Northern California! I am enjoying your blog, forwarded by our mutual friend Michael. We should have a link up on properwalk.com soon so all our friends can follow your preparation and Walk.

    I'm using my sons gmail to follow you since I don't have an accepted account. You can email me directly at dennis@properwalk.com if you ever get the urge to write.

    Keep up the good work and embrace that heat! It was one of the challenges I faced in NorCal since the summer temps range around 65 and often it is far cooler. I had to head east to get some hotter temps. Doesn't sound like that will be a problem for you.


  2. I think we are all preparing for something albeit a walk, a job, a husband, old age, a new mindset and it all takes patience and persistence. It is often easy to "blame it on the rain" or "blame it on whoever" for not accomplishing our goals.

    We have to try every day to make our goal a reality. It is an effort to even try at times. I deal with this often.

    And, the blessings of having a goal that involves uplifting others is Godly work. I am so proud of what you are doing and wish I had that strength.

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    Peace! Bro!